ArcGIS Online

ESRI cloud web GIS enabling work not only with spatial data. The output are interactive maps and applications that can be displayed in a web browser and inserted into any page.

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The application is accessible only to authorised users of Masaryk University. License terms are available on the document server.

What is ArcGIS Online?

Simply put, ArcGIS Online is a web GIS that allows you to create interactive maps and map applications. You can then share them and make them available to a certain group of people, the whole organization or even the general public.

The main advantage is that you can move the map and zoom in. All content adapts to the current scale and remains clear. You can create your own symbology, labels, filters, graphs and, thanks to pop-up windows (bubbles), you can make any information about the selected element available to readers.

Working with ArcGIS Online is very intuitive and thanks to cloud storage, maps are accessible from anywhere. In addition, you can work with them in ArcGIS mobile applications and capture data directly from the field.   

How to get a license?

The ArcGIS Online license is available to all students and staff on request. In certain cases it is assigned automatically.

If you find the group ArcGIS_studenti or ArcGIS_zamestnanci in the application Groups of persons in IS MU, then you have a license assigned automatically. Otherwise, request using the email address listed in Contacts below.
See ArcGIS Software for more information.

How to log in to the application?

The application is accessible only to authorized users of Masaryk University. You can find it at If you log in via the homepage, you must enter the URL of our organization (= in the appropriate field.

The login screen will open. There you can access the MU Unified Login via the MASARYK UNIVERSITY button, where you just need to enter your UČO and primary password.

If you do not have a license, your login will be denied. In this case, you must apply for a license. See the previous drop-down box for more information.

What can I find inside ArcGIS Online?

This is a web GIS. The basic parts of this system are available via tabs:

  • Gallery - you can search ArcGIS Online content here
  • Map - allows you to create interactive maps based on data uploaded to ArcGIS Online or public data from the web
  • Scene - used to work with 3D data displayed on the globe
  • Notebook - application for scripting using arcpy library and ArcGIS API for Python
  • Groups - Create groups to which data and applications can be shared
  • Content - Displays all content that the user has created in ArcGIS Online and allows you to create new content
  • Organisation - combines overview information about the entire cloud environment and provides interface for administrators

In addition to the basic parts, it also contains extensions, for more information see What extensions are available?

What are credits and how to use them?

Each user is assigned a certain number of credits that they can use. Some types of analysis (eg. geocoding), tile creation or storage usage are charged. Everything is explained in detail in the ArcGIS Online documentation, including the price of individual operations.

Before the start of each analysis, you can calculate how many credits you will use. Use the 'Show credits' button to estimate the cost of the analysis.

Current number of credits:
You can check the number of remaining credits in your profile. This can be accessed, for example, via the icon in the upper right corner of ArcGIS Online.

What extensions and freestanding applications are available?

Under the university license, almost all extensions provided by ArcGIS Online are available, and the same applies to stand-alone applications. Specifically:

  • AppStudio - for creating mobile applications
  • Insights - for examining data by spatial and non-spatial analyzes and displaying their results
  • Dashboards - for creating overview "single-page dashboards" that use intuitive and interactive visualizations
  • StoryMaps - for creating maps with a story
  • Survey123 - as a tool for questionnaire surveys, including map and coordinates
  • Workforce - for coordinating teamwork in the field
  • Business Analyst - for creating maps and reports based on demographic data and business analysis
  • Community Analyst - for analyzing demographic and third-party data to better understand the community and make better decisions
  • Hub - for community collaboration and data sharing (often in connection with open data)
  • GeoPlanner - for geodesigning and planning scenarios related to the environment
  • Experience Builder - for creating web applications (similar to Web AppBuilder)
  • Urban - for smart urban planning
  • Field Maps - for creating complex field applications
  • Solutions - as a collection of maps and applications targeted at specific industries
  • ArcGIS for Power BI

These extensions and applications are available from ArcGIS Online from the Application Launcher. You will find it in the right part of the top bar.


Mgr. Jan Tajovský

Team GIS, Information Systems Division, ICS

Phone: +420 549 49 3333

Mgr. Pavlína Kasprzaková

Administrative Contact, IT Services Division, ICS

Phone: +420 549 49 6798

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