Online creation of Construction and Technology System Passport plans (incl. Fire protection elements) in PDF or PNG format.

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MapGEN (Map GENerator) is a web application making passport data about MU buildings available in the form of static outputs. These include, in particular, drawing documentation, plans or thematic maps. Export to PDF and PNG formats is supported. It suitably complements the existing Data Store Documentation application, which makes building data available to users in DWG format (CAD file).

A simple wizard has been assembled for users, which allows you to specify the parameters of the required output in a few steps. You can choose the entire building (ie all floors), individual floors or a room in the building, as well as the format and type of output. In an interactive form, the user selects a list of layers and descriptive information that will be displayed in the output.

The application is intended for a wide range of users from Masaryk University. It is used for fire protection, orientation in buildings, as well as property management and maintenance. Access to the application is limited by a MUNI Unified Login, in which the UČO and the primary password are entered.

MapGEN is now fully functional for the MU Building Passport. From the technologies, plans for the deployment of fire extinguishers, hydrants and emergency lighting can be obtained. Newly developed is the possibility to obtain plans containing selected fire protection data, ie fire sections, fire doors and windows, directions of escape during evacuation, including descriptive information such as fire resistance. It is planned to supplement the outputs with other suitable equipment and technologies in the future.


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Management of the University Campus at Bohunice


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