Portal for ArcGIS

Web GIS for administrative purposes enabling work not only with spatial data. Interactive maps and applications can be viewed in a web browser and inserted into any page. Unlike ArcGIS Online, it runs on ICS machines, not in the ESRI cloud.

Open The Application

The application is accessible only to authorized users of Masaryk University and is operated for administrative purposes. License conditions are available on the MU document server.

What is Portal for ArcGIS?

Simply put, it is a web map kit that allows you to create interactive maps and map applications. You can then share them and make them available to a certain group of people, the whole organization or even the general public.

The main advantage is that you can move the map and zoom in. All content adapts to the current scale and remains clear. You can create your own symbology, labels, filters, graphs and, thanks to pop-up windows (work bubbles), you can make any information about the selected element available to readers.

Working with Portal for ArcGIS is very intuitive and thanks to web technologies, maps are accessible from anywhere. In addition, you can work with them in ArcGIS mobile applications and capture data directly from the field.

How is it different from ArcGIS Online?

They are basically the same technologies. However, the main difference is in the provider. Portal for ArcGIS is operated on the machines of the Institute of Computer Science, ArcGIS Online runs in the ESRI cloud.

Due to optional components, Portal for ArcGIS does not include all the functionality of ArcGIS Online. However, it gives greater opportunities to use MU spatial data, which are published directly from the Enterprise geodatabase. Thanks to this, all data published in this way in the Portal are up-to-date and it is very easy to change and maintain it.

All data in the Portal is stored on the ICS infrastructure, so there is no need to worry about data transfer to the cloud in America.

How to gain access?

The Portal for ArcGIS is accessible to authorized users of Masaryk University. Thanks to the connection to the MU Unified Login, it is enough to know the UČO and the primary password.


Mgr. Jan Tajovský

Team GIS, Information Systems Division, ICS

Phone: +420 549 49 3333

Mgr. Pavlína Kasprzaková

Administrative Contact, IT Services Division, ICS

Phone: +420 549 49 6798

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